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Mr. Rick StJohn
Vice President. Total System Services

Case number 3: 
Total System Services Mexico

Total System Services  is  the leading credit card  processor  in  North America. A Visa/MasterCard - certified company,  Total  System Services  is based out  of  Columbus, Ga. When   TSYS  decided  to build and operate a facility  in Mexico for  a consortium of  credit  card  issuing banks that constitutes  the largest  financial  services group in  the country, they  resorted  to   A.D.- Tec  for their project consulting  needs.

A.D.- Tec,  well connected  with the most important players in financial services in the country, managed the consortium project in  harmony andattaining the goals of  the Total System Services Mexico subsidiary in a very effective manner. A.D.- Tec was always on the Client's side through the purchase of the property, the development and ‘tropicalization’ of  the plans and specifications for  the  entire  facility  via  a  North American  engineering  firm,  and  as  the  EPCM  firm  for  the construction  and  commissioning  of  the Mexican subsidiary.

A.D.- Tec   also  wrote  the procedures manual  for the satisfactory maintenance of  Total System Services Mexico's facilities. Cognizant of the strict Visa/MasterCard requirements on the Mexico division  for  it to be  certified, A.D.- Tec  became  the  vigilant  manager  of  the  project  to  ensure  application  of   the same  procedures and policies found at TSYS USA, in Mexico. This also applied to strict enforcement of FCPA  methods throughout the entire establishment of the Mexican operations.

Mr. Rick  St. John,  VP  of  Operations and System   Support,  comments on  the  firm:  The consultants  and  project  managers  of   A.D.- Tec really   walked us  through  the  maze  of establishing  our  Mexican  operations.  They  combined  an  excellent  knowledge of Mexican business   practices   and   real-life   contacts   with  a  quest  for  keeping  promises,  meeting deadlines,  answering  with  numbers.  We  could  not  have  had  our  operations  running  as smoothly  as  they  did  without  the  presence  of  A.D.- Tec on our  Mexico assignment . To contact  Mr. St.  John directly,  write  to  him at: