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Mr.  Jacques  Villiéres,  VP, Smart   Card   Worldwide  Operations  for   Gemplus
Case number 2: 
Gemplus International

Gemplus International  is a high-technology company based out of Gémenos,  France. With phenomenal growth in recent years, Gemplus is the leading-edge company in smart-card (chip-embedded) systems  and applications. Upon  realizing  the  sales potential of  the Mexican and  Latin American  market, Gemplus  initiated  a  thrust  to establish operations in  Mexico around 1995.

A.D.- Tec  was called upon to determine the itemized investment budget, offer  legal services to incorporate the company in Mexico and determine the best unionization  plan for the plant workers. 

Debating between  going  into a green-field  or  a  brown-field  to establish a  plant and office address outside of  Mexico City, Gemplus also resorted  to A.D.- Tec  for a  site  selection  study  leading  into the previously-owned  facility  in Cuernavaca  which  now   houses Gemplus Mexico.  The  chosen brown-field recommended  by  A.D.- Tec  was eventually retrofitted  and substantially  renovated  using A.D. -Tecís  EPCM  services  for  project  design  and  construction. The  facility  was  delivered  to  the  production  staff  achieving substantial economies and complete for commissioning on time for equipment arrival.

Mr.  Jacques  Villiéres,  VP,  Smart  Card  Worldwide Operations   for  Gemplus, had  total responsibility  for the Project  since its inception. Mr. Villiéres comments: "We selected A.D.- Tec from  among  a panel of twenty  other firms. They  accompanied  us through the selection of our  site  and  to develop  our  facility  through  EPCM.  We  found  in  A.D.- Tec  a  company working  in  line with  international  standards,   able  to  manage sophisticated  projects,  as required  by  the  electronics  business.  The chemistry  between the A.D.- Tecís  professionals and   my  French-speaking  project  representative was  excellent".  To contact  Mr. Villiéres directly,  write to him at: